I Am Growing

A story about children and their guardian angels who ensure that the children are safe and happy. One of these children is Ola, who “grows” in front of the audience. There is no dialogue and instead, the actors reach out to the small audiences through gestures, facial expressions and stage movement. The show, thanks to the extensive, musical and artistic layers, shapes the artistic minds of the young audience from an early age. The set design has been adapted to the needs of toddlers. Instead of chairs, the audience sits on soft pillows on a carpeted floor. The stage is placed on the same level as the audience. During the show, the lights remain turned on in order for the children to feel safe.

 A humorous story, stunning scenery, interesting costumes and beautiful props. All this adds up to a remarkable performance that evokes positive emotions not only in the youngest members of the audience!

I Am Growing
Directors: Mariola Fajak-Słomińska and Janusz Słomiński
Designer: Jolanta Brejdak
Music: Zbigniew Krzywański
Choreography: Arkadiusz Buszko
Stage Manager: Ewelina Miąsik

Cast: Małgorzata Jakubiec-Hauke, Natalia Maja Jakubowska, Radosław Smużny

Tickets: Children – 14 zł, Adult/Guardian – 20 zł, Second Adult/Guardian – 15 zł. Adults/Guardians of organised groups can enter for free
Running time: 35 min