The Female of the Species

A comedy full of twists and turns, written from a feminist perspective that ridicules militant feminism in both a witty and intelligent way. The play is set in the elegant country house of Margot Mason, author of bestsellers for women. Margot is visited one day by a fan of hers, a student named Molly,  whose intentions are not what they may at first seem… When a succession of  guests arrive, the situation becomes even more complicated and in all this confusion, will they manage to answer the eternal question: what do women really want?

The Female of the Species Joanna Murray-Smith
Translation: Lucas Adamczyk
Director:  Bartłomiej Wyszomirski
Set Designer: Izabela Toroniewicz
Costume Designer: Wanda Kowalska

Cast: Honorata Witańska, Karolina Michalik, Agnieszka Płoszajska, Dariusz Bereski, Michał Chorosiński, Jeremiasz Gzyl