Hemar. Carrot – an attempt to generalise

Musical in which the songs by the unforgettable Marian Hemar, take centre stage.

For most people, Marian Hemar is associated with timeless classics such as, Kiedy znów zakwitną białe bzy or Mały gigolo and various cabaret sketches, which to this day, are performed on many stages in Poland – often without the audience having any knowledge of who the author is. Few people know, however, that Hemar was not only an extraordinary songwriter, but also a great observer and social commentator of his time. His analytical mind, enabled him to present and target, in poetic form, the points of prognosis and their solutions that to this day, have not lost their relevance. One such political text was the satirical diary written in 1942, Marchewka (Carrot) – suffice to say, one can simply change the dates and names in order to gain an accurate description of our times.

The story, inspired by the writings of Hemar, weaves through his many different songs. More than a dozen of the more than three thousand songs written by him, including many less known but equally great, are not only sung but also performed instrumentally by the actors of the Musical Theatre.

Ticket prices: 30 zł normal, concessions 25 zł

Duration: approx. 80 min