“Musicodrama 3” is a fun, but not devoid of reflection, musical portrayal of the conflict between two acresses. To the rhythms of famous and popular opera hits, songs from musicals, the hits of Frank Sinatra and pop music smashes, the story touches on the problems of an artistic family and expresses the emotions accompanying the conflict between mother and daughter. The music session becomes a therapy for two actresses and singers, one whose artistic path is slowly coming to a close (Bożena Zawiślak-Dolny) and one whose stage career is only just beginning (Katarzyna Zawiślak-Dolny). The moderator of this psychological musical therapy, or rather, the musical problem solver of this inter-generational gap is George (composer, arranger and pianist, Jerzy Kluzowicz). The plot revolves around the casting for the lead role in a new show that both ladies are interested in, but neither tells each other about it. Over time, with the help of songs and arias, not only will they overcome their generational conflict, but their artistic rivalry will end. Both will understand that they are closest to each other and should stick together.

Tickets: 30/25 zł
Running time: 75 min