A play written by the German musicologist, Paul Barz and directed by Paweł Okoński. It is based on the fictional meeting in 1747  between the composers, George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach at the Hotel Leipzig in Turin. Bach, a genius, is an organist in a Leipzig church who is living in poverty. Handel, famous in Europe and a favorite of the kings. Both are convinced of the righteousness of their own ways of life. Both are brilliant, although with differing messages and character in their music.

They never really met in real life, but they knew everything about each other. This is a dark comedy about the art of living in the big world and about living in a world of great art. Handel and Bach at one table with exquisite food, wonderful music and the mysterious figure of Schmidt; friend, demiurge, evil spirit or perhaps the guardian of time, who, even for the greatest of this world, is unrelenting.


Director: Paweł Okoński

Translation: Jacek Buras

Cast: Paweł Okoński, Jerzy Mularczyk, Wojciech Ziembolewski

Co-production with the Comedy Theater in Wroclaw
Tickets: 30 zł normal, 25 zł concessions
The performances will take place in the new temporary theatre @ 28 Market Square