Tomorrow will be too late

A drama inspired by the fate of Wera Gran.

Wera Gran, real name Weronika Grynberg, was a Polish singer and cabaret and film actress. Her career began accidentally. She was singing behind the scenes at the cabaret, Paradis in Warsaw, when her musician friends heard her and managed to convince her to perform in front of a large audience.  Gran quickly won over both the audience and the press and according to one review from 1936,  was “one of the major attractions of Paradis” A beautiful artist, gifted with oriental features, she performed love songs using her contralto voice in Warsaw’s cabarets. Until the outbreak of the war, she recorded as many as 60 songs (on 28 albums). From the spring of 1942, she was considered as an artistic sensation in Café Art, in the Warsaw ghetto. Until her death, she denied allegations that she managed to escape the ghetto only because she collaborated with the Gestapo. Her desire to clear her name became somewhat of an obsession.

The singer’s fate still fascinates many. Wiesława Sujkowska’s play, (directed by Agnieszka Płoszajska, Aleksandra Lis in the role of Wera Gran) tells the story of an artist on the edge of her life, who compiles an index of her life experiences. But this is not a sad story about a bitter woman, who was “unlucky in life”. The script, which in many parts is based on the recorded memories of Gran herself, is excellent. Sometimes witty and sometimes mischievous with ironic reflections on life and the world and the values to which we hold dear. And all interspersed with Gran’s unforgettable musical classics. It is an extraordinary spectacle that evokes a state of reverie.

Tickets: 30 zł normal, concessions 25 zł
Duration: approx. 70 min.